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  • 1 Identifies career opportunities available at an Allied Dental location. Click on the Allied Dental logo for complete details.
  • 2 Launches the advanced search, allowing users to search by keywords. job type and location.
  • 3 Displays the returned career opportunities in a list view, with the ability to sort and view details.
  • 4 Locates the user's location and centers it on the map, as indicated by the blue beacon (7).
  • 5 Allows the user to search based on a geographicarea by selecting the area with the draw tool.
  • 6 The zoom slider allows the map to be zoomed in or zoomed out to allow the user to focus their search on a specific area.
  • 7 The blue location beacon indicates the users current location. If not correct, clicking the Find Me (4) button will refresh the location.