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     Tooth Whitening

Get the Smile you Always Wanted with Tooth Whitening at Allied Dental


Reverse the aging process. Eliminate coffee and  tobacco stains. Feel confident about your smile again!

Getting that bright smile you always wanted is within reach. With advanced technology, you can whiten your teeth significantly and safely in one hour's time. 

The process works by oxidizing the stains in the tiny pores in the tooth's enamel. The whitening agent is a concentrated ingredient that’s found in many types of household toothpastes. 

The advantage of in-office whitening is, we do the work for you. Spend less overall time whitening your teeth and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant smile!

If you have questions about same day tooth whitening or other dental procedures, please contact your nearest Allied Dental location.


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Tooth Whitening Procedures available at Allied Dental.



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